Solnet Solutions 2008 SL

Solnet Solutions is a fast growing international voice carrier offering high-quality voicetraffic with competitive prices that suit any request. Our main target is seeking newopportunities and new interconnections from around the word.


Our services are designed for mobile operators, wholesale carriers and calling card companies. Our support team strive to provide high quality connectivity using advanced monitoring tools and smart on the spot adjustment (extensive real time monitoring). The monitoring of our network and routes combined with a proactive and professional customer support ensures the proficiency of our services. Moreover, our highly-skilled team of specialists consistently turns towards introducing innovative and progressive technical solutions to keep ahead of ever-changing communications requirements.


With a large bunch of connectivity, our team of expert is always available to offer you the ideal rate that suite your demand.


Solnet Solutions believes in the application of clear and fair policies, thus protecting our customers and ensuring efficient resource management using industry’s best practice to succeed. Interactive conversation with clients including face to face meetings, phone calls conversation to ensure customer inquiry is well addressed.


Our network’s capacity, robustness, and redundancy, combined with our extensive bilateral agreements allow us to offer our clients, high-quality and uninterrupted voice communications to any international destination.


Solnet Solutions also ensures that quality on its Voice over IP (VoIP) network is constantly monitored and proactively managed 24/7, in order to guarantee quality parameters are maintained, while benchmarking high-standard call completion and duration. Our experience and competence in both TDM and VoIP interconnect, enables our clients to benefit from a reliable stream of communication services with the utmost convenience.